Fall 2016 Meeting Schedule


Date Day Time Type of Event Title of Event Professional Guest Location
8/22/2016 Monday 6:30pm Orientation BAP Orientation N/A Taylor Center Room


8/29/2016 Monday 6:30pm Professional Activity The Trusted Advisor Warren Averett Taylor Center Room


9/14/2016 Wednesday 12 noon Professional Activity Lunch with KPMG KPMG Library Tower
9/14/2016 Wednesday 4pm ‐ 6pm Reaching Out Activity School of Accountancy Networking Event Public Accounting Firms Library Tower
9/19/2016 ‐ 9/23/2016 Monday ‐ Friday 9am ‐ 5pm Reaching Out Activity CPA Firms ‐ On‐Campus Interview Week Public Accounting Firms EMBA Room
9/22/2016 Thursday 5:00pm Professional Activity BAP meet with FAAC Speakers Tommy Singleton, CRI and Michael Cheng, FASB
9/28/2016 Wednesday 6:30pm Service Activity Orientation “Making a Difference with SaveFirst” Stephen Black, SaveFirst President and Founder Taylor Center Room


10/10/2016 Monday 6:30pm Meeting (Bring Can Goods to Meeting) Accounting Across 5 States and 15 Companies Amanda Davis, VP of Finance, Goodwin Mills and Cawood, Inc. Taylor Center Room


10/21/2016 Friday 8‐11:30am Service Activity Montgomery Area Food Bank N/A Food Bank
11/7/2016 Monday 6:30pm Professional Activity Junior/Senior

Accountant ‐

Panel Discussion

Aldridge Borden & Co. Taylor Center Room


11/21 ‐ 11/25 Thanksgiving


12/12/2016 ‐ 1/15/2016 Christmas Break